I Need to Find Book Sources for My Research

Think about your topic, in general terms. Brainstorm some descriptive terms (keywords) from your broad topic. Enter the term and click "Keyword." Look at the list of books on your search results. Identify a few titles that you may possibly be interested in.

Find the book(s) on the shelves by the call number on the spine of the book. To help you get an idea of what the contents of the book include, look in the book for the Index (usually at the back of the book). The Index is an alphabetical listing of the books' contents. Also look for the Table of Contents (usually at the front of the book) which lists Chapter Content.

A few questions to consider include: Are the contents of the book what you need? The whole book or just a few chapters? Is the date of publication relevant to your search? (copyright or publication information is on the Copyright Page, usually found on the back of the Title Page.)

Destiny Online Catalog

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A call number is the books’ “address.” You will find it on the spine of the book:

Nonfiction call numbers:

 Spines of books with call numbers on white stickers Spine of book with white sticker on it with Call Number 641.5 SEN

Non-fiction books are classified by subjects and given a number according to that subject. Under that number will generally be the first three letters of the author's name.

The Call Number for this book is 641.5 SEN.


Biography call numbers:

 Spines of books with biography call numbers showing "BIO" followed by letters 

Biographies are denoted with a "B" or "BIO," followed by the last name (or first 3 letters of the last name) of the person about whom the book is written.